May 9, 2021

How to bulk import products to Shopify?

For e-commerce practitioners, whether it is an emerging start-up or mature international brand, SHOPIFY is definitely a strange way to make money. Why is SHOPIFY able to win everyone’s love? This stems from his characteristics: flexible, easy to operate, business development capabilities, thousands of merchants from around the world in the operators of their SHOPIFY online store.

Shopify helps entrepreneurs quickly build an easy-to-manage online store that not only helps entrepreneurs increase conversion rates and sales, but also manages stores efficiently.


Shopify’s service fees are also divided into several levels: basic and advanced, with a basic payment of $29 per month and an advanced $299 per month. You can upgrade or downgrade based on actual conditions, or even cancel the Shopify program. Does Shopify charge an additional fee? Yes, one is based on turnover (between 0.5% and 2.0%) and the other is payment gateway fee (eg PayPal)

For newly registered newcomers, Shopify also offers a 14-day free service. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to understand and experience the Shopify workflow.

So after saying so much, after understanding the site and basic operation process of Shopify, the most important thing is the product. Do you know the method of Shopify?

To sum it up, the easiest way is to use only two methods:

  • First, upload the product data package in CSV format
  • Second, import directly from other platforms

Things to be aware of when importing with CSV packages: The file size must not exceed 15MB. Therefore, it is recommended that if you upload more products at once, upload them several times to ensure that each file size does not exceed 15MB.

Here to introduce you to the Quarkscm platform, this is a website dedicated to a generation, the price is the wholesale price, the product covers the entire category of e-commerce. It also supports downloading the data package of the Shopify template. After downloading, you can upload it directly to the Shopify store.

Dropshipping&Wholesale Website

So which platforms can I import products into SHOPIFY?

As we all know, there are many programs in the Shopify store that can be used to enhance the various properties of the store. There are many programs that can be used to import products. If you want to import AliExpress products, the following procedures can help you import the product. O It can upload product titles, descriptions and pictures for you.

Here is a brief introduction to the five major import programs.


Oberlo is not an e-commerce platform, it helps you search for products in a variety of markets and easily import them into the shopify store.

Oberlo has the following features:

– One-click publication

-Customized product information

– Synchronize inventory, order, and order management

Oberlo’s services include: simultaneous inventory, order status, order delivery and more. Oberlo includes free and professional versions. Free version: offers 500 product lists / monthly and 50 orders / no. Professional Edition: There are no restrictions on product lists and orders, and the monthly fee is 79.99/month.


Zonify is an application that imports Amazon products into SHOPIFY. One of his advantages is that he chooses Amazon’s best-selling product to quickly and easily automate orders.

How to use?

Install Zonify in Google Chrome, then visit Amazon, add the button to the store, and import the target product into the Shopify store.

Price: basic $14.95/month, premium $24.95/month. The difference is whether the order can be fulfilled automatically, as well as other value-added features.

Zonify has some limitations compared to Oberlo and only works for Amazon. It can take up to 30 minutes to download a single item from Amazon. With this plugin it will only take you 1 minute.


Chinabrands is a direct shipping importer in China, offering wholesale and one generation. It will provide you with a complete all-in-one solution that meets your business needs.

Once you have placed your order in the shopify store, you will forward it to chinabrands for fulfillment. They provide CB bonus points to members. In other words, the more you buy, the more discounts you can get. Their shopify product importer app is available for free.


Importify shopify is known for its services provided by Shopify Distributors. It can help you easily import products to your SHOPIFY store. Importify is compatible with some of the most expensive e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Dhgate, etc.

With its product analysis and research capabilities, it’s easy to find reliable and quality suppliers. Set prices and optimize product descriptions according to your needs.

Importify is available in three versions: Basic, Advanced and Gold. The base price is $14.95/month and the price of gold is $37.95/month. Order fulfillment functionality is only available in the gold version


Syncee is a premium Shopify plugin that helps you add vendor products to the Shopify store. Syncee has its own supplier directory, and Shopify sellers can select products from multiple Syncee Supplier Exchange categories. Upload and update automatically when you quickly fill your store with products.

If you have an external vendor channel, Syncee also allows you to easily upload products from any vendor’s data feed. The supported data formats are .csv, .xml, .xls(x), .json, .txt, etc. . You can filter, price, automate or schedule this process.

Syncee helps you grow your business more easily, and with Syncee you can contact your suppliers and shippers to save you time and money.

Depending on the features required, Syncee plans to move from the $19/month nano plan to the $39/month mini plan.


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