February 28, 2021

Quark distribution 7 core advantages

Quarkscm is committed to exporting cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurs to China, providing China’s quality supply chain products, superior supply chain services and the best personalized cross-border transaction solutions, allowing cross-border practitioners to focus on marketing, “ Save money, save time, effort and worry, and do cross-border e-commerce. Today we will introduce its 7 major advantages.

① share Tomtop’s supply, fine selection

Quarkscm distribution integrates Tomtop’s 300,000+SKU, 500+ brand, covering 12 cross-border e-commerce mainstream categories, and connecting 7+ global overseas warehouses, docking Aliexpress, Ebay, Wish, Lazada, Shopee, etc. E-commerce platform and independent station.

② Sharing the excellent supply chain of Tomtop

10W+ square meters global warehouse, 500+ logistics, can provide a variety of ordering modes such as global generation and batch ordering.

③ Distribution sellers have no pressure and no risk

0 funding pressure, 0 inventory risk, 0 certification risk.

The seller does not need the merchandise inventory during the sales process, and all merchandise is shipped by the Quarkscm agent. This risk-free strategy also increases your ability to respond to changing market demands, eliminates the risk of pressure, and gains a greater competitive advantage.

④ quality inspection and after the sale without worry

Product quality is our top priority, and most of these products are supplied by major brand suppliers. Our attention to detail extends to highly trained professional QC technicians who strictly control, execute and monitor internal quality control processes and systems and aspects. Full logistics tracking, no worries after sale.

⑤ Symbiotic multi-platform technical support

System 50+ emerging cross-border platform, 8 languages, CSV batches, order processing, batch upload with single number.

⑥ Low profit and win-win, price profit is easy to control

Quarkscm is the world’s leading distribution platform, providing tens of thousands of most popular product lines, launching new and best-selling products at the lowest price every day, intelligent pricing profit measurement system, customizable measurement of profit, price and marketing discount.

⑦ Smart and efficient locker 24H delivery

Quarkscm’s logistics network covers more than 200 countries around the world, and works directly with the world’s leading courier companies including DHL, EMS and Speedpost to facilitate your transportation. Intelligent locker system, which locks inventory in advance according to demand, and responds to shipping demand in real time within 24 hours.

Quarkscm removes all the constraints you can think of, ensuring you invest the least money, take the lowest risk, and get a chance to realize your dreams. Don’t want to try it?

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