February 28, 2021

Find the Best Dropshipping Supplier for Amazon / Ebay / Wish / Shopify / AliExpress Stores

If you have your own store on Amazon, Ebay, Wish, Shopify or AliExpress, then you must be worried about how to find a reliable distributor. How to start a distribution business? Today we will recommend to you one of the best dropshipping  supplier——Quarkscm.

Quarkscm was founded by Tomtop, a leading cross-border e-commerce company with a history of 14 years. After years of business development, Tongtuo Technology has accumulated abundant resources in channels and supply chains. Quarkscm has 500+ brands, 500+ logistics, 10W + square meters global warehouse (7 overseas warehouses), 30W + SKUs. It can connect with more than 20 e-commerce platforms and independent stations such as Aliexpress, Ebay, Wish, Lazada, Shopee. At Quarkscm, you don’t have to worry about order requirements, because there is no minimum order quantity. Can provide a variety of ordering modes such as global one-time issuance and batch ordering.


1. There is no risk of inventory backlog or slow sales. Sellers do not need product inventory during the sales process, and only place orders at Quarkscm after receiving an order.

2. Choose diversity. Covers 12 main categories of cross-border e-commerce. Thousands of goods for your choice.

3. Save time and effort. Quarkscm is committed to providing China’s export cross-border e-commerce practitioners with China’s high-quality supply chain products, excellent supply chain services, and the best personalized cross-border transaction solutions, so that entrepreneurs in cross-border business need only focus on marketing.

Why choose Quarkscm?

① Wholesale price advantage

With many years of business experience, Quarkscm can integrate the supply chain network of key manufacturers and agents, and continue to save wholesale costs, which cannot be achieved by other platforms. New products and best-selling products are launched every day at the lowest price to maximize the maximum possible profit margin for each customer.

② High-quality copy description

In order to enable customers to quickly and easily put products on the shelves, Quarkscm provides exquisite high-definition pictures and authentic copy descriptions, as well as video materials and descriptions in up to 9 languages. Really save customers time and effort.

③ Professional QC team

Product quality is our primary consideration. To this end, we specially hire professional QC technicians who will strictly control, implement and monitor the internal quality control processes and systems and all aspects. Make sure that you don’t get a product that doesn’t pass the mark.

④ Delivery within 72 hours

Our logistics network covers more than 200 countries worldwide. We work directly with leading global courier companies including DHL, EMS and Speedpost to facilitate your shipping. Before packaging and transportation, each item is carefully inspected by professionals to prevent the item from being damaged during transportation.

⑤ Operation training

Are you worried that you have no experience doing cross-border e-commerce for the first time? Still worried about new markets not familiar? Don’t worry, Quarkscm provides applicants with regular distribution business system training and supply chain system follow-up, including platform promotion resources and data analysis. You can think of it.

Many people want to own and manage their business successfully. But they are often limited by budgets or uncontrollable factors. Quarkscm removes these restrictions, ensuring that you invest the least amount of capital and without upfront risk, giving you an opportunity to realize your entrepreneurial dream.

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