February 28, 2021

India Online Wholesale Websites

Today, the mobile trend has penetrated into all walks of life, and the wholesale industry is no exception. In order to adapt to the development of the times and customer needs, many wholesale websites have developed online wholesale applications. No matter what you need to purchase, you can complete the purchase and payment with just one finger. Last time we introduced several large wholesale websites in China, and today we will bring you several online wholesale websites in India.

1. Shopclues 

It can be regarded as India’s premier e-commerce website, dedicated to helping small and medium-sized merchants conduct online transactions. The main service groups are small city buyers and sellers, which sell more than 10,000 products and gather about 100,000 sellers. Different from other e-commerce websites, Shopclues mainly sells unknown and even unbranded products, hoping to make a difference.

2. Wholesale Box  

It is a non-branded fashion and lifestyle e-commerce company based in Jaipur, India. It mainly serves small and medium-sized manufacturers, and through its advanced technology, it provides retailers with good sales channels, improves purchasing experience, and avoids various common problems. The platform now brings together more than 350 manufacturers and 15,000 registered retailers.

3. Wholesalebazar  

If you want to wholesale Indian clothing, then this website is perfect for you. Because it specializes in Indian clothing, it has a large variety and good prices. Usually, they ship within 3-4 days of placing an order.

4. IndiaMart  

It is called the Indian version of Alibaba. It mainly provides B2C, B2B and customer-to-customer sales services to connect Indian manufacturers with buyers. Manufacturers usually sell their products on the website, and the product range is very wide. One can even find the raw materials needed from clothing to jewelry.

5. MilMila  

Milmila is an Indian cross-border S2B2C e-commerce platform co-founded by Prasun Sarkar and Jin Sanqi, former heads of Alibaba International Station India. They intend to ease their business process by eliminating the purchasing difficulties often faced by small retailers. The product on this site is rich and transparent in terms of price and policy.

6. TradeIndia 

It is one of the largest business and trade websites in India. It is dedicated to providing various business information of India and the world for many businesses. The website includes thousands of product catalogs and has a huge database of tens of thousands of suppliers and buyers from around the world. Businesses can instantly post product supply and demand information here, find information about global buyers and conduct convenient quotes and exchanges directly online.

7. Eindiawholesale  

This special website specialises in jewelry made in India. You will find everything from ordinary oxidized jewelry to heavy brides. The price of each item is quite affordable, and they also have a 3-day return policy. You can contact them to learn more about products and even services.

India’s population base is very large, with young people accounting for 55%, which indicates that India’s market will be very broad. If you are planning to enter the Indian market, you may want to check out these websites first.

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