February 28, 2021

Why do Dropshipping?

First let us explain with a simple picture, how dropshipping works?

In simple terms, it can be understood as direct shipment. The biggest difference between direct drop-shipping and traditional retail models is that the direct-delivery retailer does not need to stock up, or even zero inventory. When a customer places an order, the retailer sends the customer order to a third-party supplier, and the third-party supplier sends the product directly to the customer. It means that there is no contact between the retailer and the product during the entire transaction.

In fact, this model has matured abroad, but it has just started to rise in China. It greatly subverts people’s previous definition of sales and has great advantages. Here are some reasons to do Dropshipping.

1. Low investment

Compared to traditional retailers who must spend a lot of money to buy inventory products. Under the direct delivery model, the distribution seller only needs to purchase the product after receiving the successful payment order from the customer. There is no risk of product backlogs or slow sales.

2. Third-party agent delivery

If all goods are shipped by a third-party agent, then these issues are not something you need to worry about: the cost of renting and managing the warehouse, packing and shipping order items, handling after-sales issues such as returns, ordering products, and improving storage conditions. This actually saves a lot of money.

3. Diverse product selection

Due to the existence of supply agents, you do not need to buy the products to be sold in advance, so your choice is very wide and can provide customers with a range of products. As long as the goods are available from third-party vendors, you can display them on your website or shop for customers to view and purchase.

How to find your dropshipping supplier?

1688 Cross-border Exclusive Provision

1688 is a platform for manufacturers and wholesalers, committed to providing all export e-commerce (AliExpress shopkeepers, Amazon shopkeepers, WISH shopkeepers, etc.) with high-quality, cost-effective new sources of global fashion and assured services.

Alibaba International Station

Alibaba International Station is one of the preferred online platforms for export companies to expand international trade by displaying and promoting suppliers’ companies and products to overseas buyers, and thus gaining trade opportunities and orders.


Quarkscm is the world’s leading distribution platform, offering tens of thousands of most popular product lines. It also provides distributors with regular platform operation training, promotional resources and data analysis services.

After finishing the operation process and advantages of dropshipping, the supplier also listed it for you. What are you waiting for? Start your dropshipping journey!

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