May 9, 2021

What are the shoes wholesalers in China?

Driven by the economic globalization and the Internet wave, the world is becoming a whole, and the feeling of a global village is becoming more and more obvious. People are no longer constrained by time and region like traditional businessmen, purchasing goods face to face. Instead, they can complete the purchase and payment process at home with one click of their mouse without leaving the house. So today I will introduce several Chinese shoe wholesalers to everyone.

1. Made in China

First of all, its name is very easy to impress, because many foreigners’ impression of China originates from the big manufacturing countries. Founded in 1998, China is one of the most famous B2B e-commerce websites in China, and it is also an influential e-commerce website in the world. E-commerce services that provide Chinese products to the world, aiming to use the Internet to introduce Chinese-made products to global buyers.

Made in China, it is its responsibility to promote Chinese enterprises, and strive to create a good online business environment and build a broader online trading platform. In 2012, more than 8 million registered members of China, and users from more than 240 countries and regions visited China, with more than 550 million visits.

In terms of shoe factories, Made-in-China brings together an amazing 219,150 factories. Because they cherish their market reputation, they will not recommend manufacturers with substandard products. So you can rest assured to cooperate with these factories.


Hong Kong Trade Development Council (referred to as HKTDC; English: Hong Kong, Trade Development Council) was established in 1966, has 50 years of experience in establishing relationships with buyers and suppliers worldwide, and has 50 offices around the world Of these, 13 are located on the mainland. The aim is to assist Hong Kong companies, especially SMEs, to expand their global business.

HKTDC understands the importance of trust for online purchasing. The HKTDC online trading platform ( has more than 130,000 quality suppliers and provides services to 1.7 million registered international buyers, who can make personalized purchase inquiries through the website. By verifying the supplier’s information and verifying its certificate, buyers can purchase quality products / services and deal with trusted companies.

You can search for any shoes you want on the HKTDC website. Whether you want to buy in bulk or design your own, you can find the right suppliers and manufacturers here. You are in a buyer’s market. In order to attract the attention of customers, suppliers have to use various price reduction or promotion methods to improve their competitiveness. Therefore, you can get the best price.

3. Alibaba

The name must be familiar to everyone. Let’s briefly introduce it. Alibaba was founded in 1999, and it can be said that it has established a standard specification for B2B websites. At present, there are more than 8 million registered members in more than 220 countries and regions around the world. It is difficult to have opponents in a short time. It is a well-deserved B2B website NO1.

You can browse the Alibaba website to find footwear suppliers around the world, this market is second to none in the world. And they only list the factories they really know are qualified in all aspects, so you don’t need to worry about quality issues.

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