May 9, 2021

Global B2B platform top 10 ——Part II

Today we come to talk about 6-10 in TOP10.

6. EC Plaza  

Ecplaza is the world’s most prestigious (B2B) e-commerce platform. It has organized senior experts who have been engaged in international trade for many years. It integrates online and offline resources, and combines online e-commerce tools and offline business means to provide Buyers and sellers provide information communication and trade closing services. Ecplaza has seven global stations in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, Korean, American, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, and seven UAE sites. Is one of the most commonly used procurement platforms for international buyers.

7. Global Sources  

Global Sources is a multi-channel B2B media company dedicated to promoting foreign trade in Greater China. It was publicly listed on the NASDAQ stock market in the United States in 2000 and has now successfully entered the fifth decade. More than 1 million international buyers use the services provided by Global Sources to understand their suppliers and product information, helping them to purchase efficiently in complex supply markets. On the other hand, with the help of integrated export promotion services provided by Global Sources, suppliers have enhanced their corporate image, obtained sales enquiries, and won orders from buyers in more than 240 countries and regions.

8., formerly known as “The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers”, is the world’s leading B2B platform. For more than a century, ThomasNey has established contacts for buyers and sellers in manufacturing and industry. Nowadays, buyers worldwide use to find suppliers and purchase products, including engineers, purchasing agents, facility managers, etc. Buyers are mainly concentrated in the United States. ThomasNet combines powerful search technology with numerous company profiles on the platform to increase supplier selection and is free.

9. GlobalSpec  

Founded in 1996, the company is one of the world’s most professional electronics and industrial procurement websites, and it is also the fastest growing technology B2B media. As the mainstream B2B platform in the United States, it provides industrial components, machinery and related services for North American and Asian markets. With a user base of 5.9 million procurement engineers and technology buyers, more than 5 million engineers and technical experts regularly use GlobalSpec as their preferred online engineering information resource.

10. EC21  

EC21 is South Korea’s largest trading platform and is known as the best platform in the export industry in South Korea. Although headquartered in South Korea, the platform is committed to developing global buyers and is an overseas comprehensive trading platform, not just for South Korea. Since its development in 1997, the EC21 platform has been ranked by Alexa, ranking second only to Alibaba’s global integrated trading platform. As less publicized in China, little is known to Chinese. The EC21 international station has eight languages. The one-to-one inquiry from C21 makes it easier for the top-ranked suppliers to obtain the inquiry. It does not need to compete with other EC21 suppliers at the same time.

Global B2B platform top 10 has been finished, I hope it can help your career.

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