May 9, 2021

How to choose a Shopify theme? It’s enough to have these 4.

The choice of a Shopify theme is a particularly troublesome thing for many people, especially those with choice phobia. Because each theme includes a different design, each design brings a different style. The design of the store is the facade, which directly determines the first impression that customers get when they enter your store. Therefore, a theme that fits the store becomes crucial.

A suitable theme is not only simple and beautiful, but also takes into account product display and customer experience. If customers find it difficult to search or have fuzzy navigation, they will simply close your store and leave.

Choose the Shopify theme that suits you. First, you need to consider the following elements:

① Do you want to display a large number of products or a small number of products?

② Should the page design be concise or creative?

③ How to achieve a balance between product pictures and text descriptions?

Once you have identified the major points above, you can choose a theme.

1. Brooklyn —— display clothing and accessories

The Brooklyn theme is ideal for modern clothing and accessories stores. Homepage slideshow and homepage video show multiple products and details, and the side slide out shopping cart allows customers to add products without exiting the current page.

Brookly is divided into classic and playful styles.

The classic version is a neutral style, with black and white toned fonts that are fairly well-formed, and CTA (call to action) buttons.

The playful layout is simple, with bright colors and the use of Sans-Serif fonts to reduce dullness and overall vitality.

Both styles are simple, which also makes Brooklyn the ideal choice for stores looking to create a stylish “modern” feel. Although the Brooklyn theme is applicable to any clothing and accessories store, its minimalist aesthetics are more modern and therefore more suitable for modern stores.

2. Supply —— show a lot of inventory

Supply theme is ideal for online stores with a large number of products. With its screening tool, supply is well positioned to showcase large amounts of inventory.

Supply is divided into two styles: Blue and Light.

Blue is simple and clean, with plenty of white space and a colorful top menu.

Light is more traditional, using elements such as classic fonts, neutral shadows, and header picture borders.

3. Narrative —— Showcase attractive product stories

Narrative themes are ideal to guide customers through product stories. Promoting features like auto-playing full-screen videos, vertical slide shows, and fixed navigation at the top of its homepage makes Narrative more “storytelling.”

Narrative has three styles: Warm, Light and Cold.

Warm is the most traditional one, using traditional fonts and pictures in natural tones and neutral color matching.

Light is mainly white, with a clean and simple beauty, which is very suitable for modern stores.

Cold mainly uses the “dark black” color system, and there will be black shadows on the header image.

Narrative’s rich and differentiated theme colors make it perfect for conveying dramatic or inspiring product messages and brand stories.

4. Minimal —— increase product attention

The Minimal theme eliminates visual distractions and enables customers to focus on the product. Because it follows a minimalist line, Minimal is especially suitable for those sellers who want to “design invisible”.

Minimal comes in three styles: Vintage, Fashion and Music.

Vintage is the more understated of the three styles. Except for the color pictures, the template is almost all white with simple fonts.

Fashion’s design is more bold, using a black top bar, fonts and logo borders, but still does not deviate from the minimalist style. These dark backgrounds and elements make the only product image with color stand out.

Music is one of the three styles with more details. Its logo is large and centered, and the background is slightly textured. But overall still maintained a neat and clear appearance.

After understanding these four styles, have you found one that suits you?

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