May 9, 2021

American bags dropshipping suppliers

Last time we introduced some bags suppliers in China, today we come to know some excellent bags suppliers in the United States.

1. Wholesale Accessory Market, Inc

This is an online wholesaler of fashion and accessories founded in 2000. The business scope includes wholesale of a series of products such as clothing, furniture and kitchen decoration, jewelry, headwear, accessories and jewelry. The shipping price is calculated hierarchically, starting at $ 8.95. When order value exceeds $ 300, customers in the U.S. can enjoy free shipping through FedEx and USPS.

2. RoseWholesale

This is a leading international online fashion clothing website. Advocating the combination of affordable fashion and relaxed elegance, the business scope includes women’s clothing, women’s shoes, handbags, jewelry and other fashion jewelry and accessories. High-quality products, low wholesale prices, and free worldwide shipping (some categories of products carry the free shipping logo). The website updates products daily. So you can always see a lot of new products.

3. Choice Handbag

It is a leading online website for handbags and other accessories, and most of its products have discounted prices. The company stocks all manner of handbags for all genders and occasions as well as accessories. It is the best price in the market. The minimum purchase price is $ 100, and the total amount reaches $ 1,000 to enjoy free shipping.

4. Handbag fashion

Handbag Fashion for wholesale handbags, fashion handbags, designer’s inspired handbags, knockoff styles, evening bags, clutches, belts and more. They offers the highest quality handbags and hottest fashions for women and they believe in inexpensive but quality. If you buy a large batch of products at one time, you can get a 20-40% discount.

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